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1st Philippine Web Design Conference a Success

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Disabled Friendly Website Awards coincide with Web Design Conference

Pinaka Unang Web Design Conference sa Asia, Matagumpay..!

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Lessons from the 1st Form Function & Class Philippine Web Design Conference

Form Function & Class 2011 – Philippine Web Design Conference

Event Notes: Form Function & Class Web Design Conference 2011

Form Function & Class Web Design Conference 2011 Recap

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Form Function & Class 2012 Speaker Sketches

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UST houses this year’s Form, Function, and Class

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FFC 2013: Professionalism and Craftsmanship

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#FFCPH2014 | Form Function & Class Web Design Conference 2014

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Form Function & Class 5 Event Report

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How Community Shapes an Industry, and 5 other things I learned at Form, Function and Class 6

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#FFCPH6: Where Do Bloggers Fit In Webdesign Conferences?

Form Function & Class 6 Day One Notes

FFC 2015: Reinventing, reimagining design

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Our 5 Main Takeaways from Form Function & Class 7 Conference 2016

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Z.com supports local web designers and developers with Philippine Web Designers Organization (PWDO) partnership

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The WIM Tech Guys Go to Form Function and Class 7 Master Class

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Form Function & Class 7 Event Report

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Talking about talking CSS

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Top 3 lessons from the Business of Design Workshop at Form Function & Class 8

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Lessons from the Web Animation Workshop at Form Function & Class 8

Talking about talking CSS 2018 edition

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“It’ll be one of those pretty memories that’ll be fun to come back to a decade from now.” – Angela Obias-Tuban

“Spot on in their goal of uplifting web design in the Philippines.” – Alexis Collado

“This has been the meatiest design-related confe I've ever experienced. 10/10 will attend again.” – Jess Limcangco

“I’ve never felt so welcome from start to finish than at @ffcph. Thank you for being as brilliant as you are.” – Chris Lienert

“Masterclass was so personal and so great. Gonna miss it!” – @primopustiso

“What I really liked about the @ffcph was the great crowd. 200 people, young crowd and so many ladies. Talking about making a difference.” – Charis Rooda

“Worth the wait.” – @rikkimendiola

"I've never seen so many selfies in all my life." – Brad Frost

About the Conference

<form> function() & .class is a volunteer-run conference for web design and front-end development by the Philippine Web Designers Organization, launched in 2009. It’s the pioneering event of its kind in Asia, featuring some of the most brilliant minds in the industry from all over the world.